The I-Score Report plays a large part in the loan application process and hence a lower score can impact the chances for a loan approval. So in case of having a bad credit history, and there is a need to obtain credit facilities such as loans or credit cards, the credit score report must first be improved.

Usually, there are 2 major issues with a I-Score report:

Inaccurate information reflecting on the credit score report, or defaults on the payment caused by either of the following reasons:

• Genuine financial hardship
• Missed payments on credit cards incidentally
• Missed payments on non-receipt of statement
• Disputes with the bank on account of charges or annual fees
• Disputes with the lender on forged purchase using the credit card

We have many years experience with I-Score reports and legislation . Our expert staff will do everything they can to try to help you repair the incorrect information from your I-score report.

Our team is trained in dealing with fast I-Score repair and we understand how to fix your I-Score report.

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