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Local & International Corporation Establishment

Metropolitan helps its clients establish companies both local and overseas such as the U.S., U.K., Canada, and GCC Countries market. It also offers its experience to assist SMEs and Corporate firms to promote their business internationally in order to achieve a higher level of business promotions. Given today’s economic situation, and market challenges, it has become demanding now, more than ever, to find new ways to promote businesses through a technical methods that helps SMEs to internationally promote and market their products through exporting. However, to survive the existing tough competition, it is equally important to optimize and utilize all enterprise operations, to improve client satisfaction, client service and value.

MC offers a unique opportunity to build the necessary capabilities within SMEs & Corporate firms to buy, produce, sell, and export with efficiency and at optimum cost.

Our goal is to set the basis for a successful promotion and marketing for our clients in order to internationally expand their business even after our job is concluded.

We provide our clients in Egypt and the Middle East with full management support consulting that does not only include strategic/business planning, but also identifies the road map to technical/field implementation that ensures results. Through our connections over the years in the US and other foreign markets we are able to finalize import-export deals and trading agencies agreements almost at any state all year long.

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